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Led by Quentin (also known as Q-Man), the owner and main operator, along with a team of seasoned guides, we ensure that you and your group receive the utmost enjoyment while exploring our incredible trail system. Benefit from the expertise and experience of our experts who have their own equipment and have spent years exploring the Okanagan region to offer you the finest backcountry UTV adventures.

We assure you that you will experience a sense of safety and comfort throughout your entire adventure. Our guides are thoroughly trained and equipped with emergency medical kits and tools to handle any breakdowns or injuries. They are knowledgeable about these machines and can swiftly address any issues that may arise during the adventure, ensuring your safe return home.

This is the reason why having a knowledgeable guide is crucial for your 4×4 Off-Road Adventure.

At Full Cyrcle Adventures, we are dedicated to offering you the most distinctive, thrilling, adventurous, and expert 4×4 Off-Road Adventures in the Okanagan region.


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